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Production line of P.Audio driver.
One Systems speaker installed at the roof of MahaNakhon Tower, Bangkok.

Leader in professional audio components and systems

STH Professional Audio is a leading manufacturer of professional audio loudspeakers and components. Our team has over 30 years of expertise in offering fully integrated audio product solutions, ranging from components to comprehensive audio systems. 

Our business is well-established with distribution channels and customer in over 20 countries, including India, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy, and more.

Since 1991 and 2006, both P.Audio and One Systems has been one of the largest and most reliable professional loudspeaker transducers and all-weather speaker systems manufacturers. We develop and design professional audio components and systems to entertain the world in the fix install and live music industry under the name of P.Audio and One Systems.

Mr. Howard Chen
Managing Director, STH Professional Audio


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