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At STH Professional Audio, we are proud to own two professional audio brands that are important assets to our business. The first brand is P.Audio, a leading professional audio loudspeakers and components manufacturer founded in 1991. The second brand is One Systems, a manufacturer of premium quality all-weather speaker systems founded in 2006. We own the trademarks of these two brands and are in charge of their research, design, and distribution process. Below is more information about these two brands and their trademarks.

Brands & Registered Trademarks

1 P.Audio is a leading manufacturer of professional audio loudspeakers and components. Founded by Mr. Steve Chen in 1991, the brand has over 30 years of expertise in offering fully integrated audio product solutions, ranging from components to comprehensive audio systems, and OEM products for some of the well-known audio brand names.

The brand’s trademark is registered in 19 countries, including Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Canada, Colombia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanla, United Kingdom, and European Union.

Registered trademark of P.Audio

2 One Systems designs and builds premium quality professional loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor applications. Their speakers are best known for their durability in direct weather and harsh environments. They are intentionally built and designed to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining a high level of audio quality. With over 15 years of experience and know-how in weatherproof technology, as well as the competent US-based sales team, the brand earned tremendous trust and reputation from customers worldwide. And its trademark is registered various countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, OAPI countries.

Registered trademark of One Systems

Other Business

OEM Opportunity
OEM Opportunity
Vertical Integration of our manufacturing facilities in all departments allow us to customize and select the best components from electronics to loudspeaker parts and assemble them into a complete system by utilizing our in-house manufacturing equipment.
Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Our Japanese Metal machine includes laser cutting, Bending, punching, and all types of CNC machinery that allows us to handle any type of metal process within the thickness of 20mm.
Coil Speaker Parts
Coil Speaker Parts
Coil is the heart of loudspeaker components, STH has over 40 years of experience supplying the best coil to the world from professional Audio industry to high-end home audio as well as car manufacturers.

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